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Voyage LA Magazine article all about me!

Voyage LA recently published an article all about little old me. What an honor!

Voyage LA is a popular business/arts/community online magazine here in LA. They really love and support their community, publishing articles on local small businesses, creators, entrepreneurs and the like from around the city. Since gaining popularity in LA they've branched out other cities too. Since being asked to interview I've found myself checking back weekly to learn about more things and people in this glorious city I now call home.

I had the honor of appearing in their Inspiring Stories section. Now at the time I thought to myself, "Inspiring? How anyone could think my life story so far has been inspiring at all?" Well, the more I thought about it, the more I started giving myself just a little bit of credit. It's been challenging to move half-way around the globe and start up a life in a different hemisphere. And let me tell you, the challenge isn't over. Hardest part, ladies and gentlemen is, by orders of magnitude, being so far away from my wife, daughter, friends and family back in SA. That's the price we have to pay for now though.

If you're in to reading the full article (I promise I didn't spoil it in this 'humble' post), you can do so here:

Thanks for reading guys and girls.

Love & Peace

Miskar Chomse

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